Flooring Consultation and Sales

Hard Flooring Consultation and Sales
We offer free estimates and design consultations. Because the choices in timber, sizes, shades, designs and styles are so numerous, by a bit of your efforts and energy and effort with you and developing your needs, we can find or create the hardwood ground that best packages you, your budget and your objectives.

Sub Floor Preparation for Hard wood Flooring
Some subfloors require us to prepare the piece by farming, stuffing and stabilizing to be able to offer the ideal surface for wooden ground set up.  We are experienced in the set up of various sub-floor techniques, as well as set ups straight over tangible and glowing heat surfaces.
Hardwood Floor Design & Installation
This contains customized designs and templates such as inlays, boundaries and styles i.e. Parquet, Herringbone and Container Patterns, customized production of stairway treads, and riser stairs nosing and reducers.

Hardwood Floor Existing & Restoration

Whether we are sanding and completing hardwood surfaces that we have recently set up, or repairing a current ground to its unique beauty, we are expert at hardwood ground refinishing.  We offer our customers with customized color choices with the use of shades and spots. We will thoroughly explain the benefits and drawbacks of all techniques and completes to you.

Wooden Floor Servicing & Repairs

We offer our customers several hardwood ground maintenance choices such as Bona’s clean and cover program (using the Bona Power Scrubber), Bona’s re-coat program (for infected floors) or a conventional abrade and cover program. Being that the complete on your hardwood surfaces is stepped off eventually, how often you should have your hardwood surfaces re-coated is determined by the amount visitors they withstand. On average, we suggest that personal surfaces be re-coated every three decades while commercial or game surfaces be managed yearly to avoid them from dressed in down to simple wooden. This contains prefinished hardwood surfaces. We also repair areas of your ground that are broken or need related hardwood flooring set up.

Interior Consultation

As an interior decorator, we provide a whole range of solutions for a variety of establishment whether a hotel, resort, office or a home. Our interior decoration services are well known for their practicality, versatile, sustainable, cost effectiveness. To ensure that the final product is as per the consumer need and within the specified period of time, a due persistence study is performed before applying the design. We offer the latest and the best interior designing services. We provide an assurance of offering beautiful interior decoration to buildings and apartments so as to provide our esteemed clients with complete comfort and satisfaction.